365 Days of *drumroll please* no alcohol.

None. Not even a sip.

GASP! Why would anyone do such a thing. The next 365 days of my life are focused on A) positive energy and B) taking on tasks I have always put off.

By no means was I an alcoholic. But I certainly enjoyed a good party or two (or 5) every once in a while. In reflecting back on the past year of debauchery I realized that I easily wasted 4 figures of income on booze that I easily could have put towards more worthwhile endeavors. Likewise, I probably spent a good 20-30 days in a hungover stupor and on some of the “better” performances the hangovers lasted 2-3 days. Those are days of my life I can’t get back and could have used to do something “a bit more constructive”.

For the next year I am going to focus on:
1) using the money saved from booze to go towards bettering myself. E.g. tomorrow night will be my first night of martial arts class.

2) use Sunday mornings (and other times I would have been hungover) as a time for kicking ass.

3) toss happiness bombs and motivation at my buddies who are also on the path of a year of change.


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